Afrykański Korespondent: The Demise of the president J.E.Mills of Ghana

"Afrykański Korespondent". Mamy przyjemność przedstawić Państwu nowy dział na infoblogu PCSA - "Afrykański Korespondent" (AK), przygotowywany przez naszego współpracownika Johna Liyaba z Ghany. Dział AK jest dostępny w j. angielskim i będzie prezentował lokalną perspektywę wydarzeń na kontynencie. Zapraszamy do lektury! 


17.08.2012. On the 24th of July at about 14:15pm when the Ghanaian media broke out the news on the untimely and sudden demise of president John Evans Fiifi Attah Mills, it brought to a halt the daily economic activities of the ordinary Ghanaian. There was a change in weather and many became emotionless and many more received the breaking news with a doubt. 


However, the breaking news about the death of the first gentleman of the land also witnessed an unprecedented suspension of all political campaign activities as it was announced by each political party flag bearer. The demise of President Mills underscored a huge unifying moment of all Ghanaians regardless of political, ethnic or religious affiliations - this particular moment in the history of the Ghanaian politics under his Excellency J.E.A Mills confirmed his routine statement on political platforms as he often said “my brothers and sisters” “l am a father of all”.


Many people from all walks of life came and paid tribute to the late president Mills. Such tributes could not be different from how Ghanaians saw the man who was out for peace and as such preached peace, thought his followers to be humble, truthful, and selfless in service and all these virtues under his able leadership consolidated the democracy in Ghana which both locally and in the international community cannot afford to forget of his legacies as a president of mother Ghana in the fourth republic.


It suffices to say that emotionally, Ghanaians have absolutely lost a great leader and as such a vacuum is created in the NDC as a ruling party, nevertheless, Ghanaian have demonstrated clearly that though “we are a state of high diversity in languages and culture” Ghana is the only place in the world for Ghanaian and it must remain united as a people and the gateway to Africa in the Sub-Saharan.


Politically, Ghana after the demise of president Mills saw a very smooth transition by swearing in the then vice president John Dramani Mahama by the parliament and subsequently confirming Paa Kwesi Emissah Arthur as a vice president within the shortest possible time and above all granting a successful final burial to the late president Mills in a matter of two weeks devoid of political instability. This fantastic performance by the unanimous effort of the people of Ghana with special recognition to the traditional chiefs of central region of Ghana where ex-president Mills hails from, his family and elders who had a speedy negotiation regarding the final place of burial to the late president chalked a huge success in the building process of peace his Excellency the late had always emphasized in his address to the state.


Today Ghana is back to normalcy, president John Mahama had his first address to the state and pledged to continue the good works of the late president Mills in the next five months prior to the general election in December 2012. The Ghanaian environment and the atmosphere seem to have rekindled. All political activities are up again the economic and business men and women are out to work. There are a lot of activities and programs embarked upon again to pull the Ghanaian once more together. The national football team, Ghana Black Star, scored 1:1 draw in an international friendly against China (15/08/2012) all in the memory of the late president Mills as he himself used to be a stunt sportsman.


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